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A Cultural Experience In The Kingdom Of The Zulu

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Traditional Zulu kraal (home stead) What could be more exclusive than staying in a traditional Zulu village, close to both traditional and modern Zulu culture.

Traditional Zulu hut

Our accommodation consists of twin rooms in authentic Zulu huts, but with modern facilities like electricity.

The location gives you the opportunity to study the customs and rites of traditional Zulu life, from the lobola (brides price) to the fortune tellings and magic of the Sangoma (witch doctor). Room at Veyane

You will also get the opportunity to see the creation of the amazing Zulu handicrafts, Boy in traditional Zulu warrior outfit like their beadwork, grass baskets, mats, walking sticks and much more.

Of course you will also get the chance to experience the life of the modern Zulus, of which many are opening their doors for visitors.

Even though you are staying in traditional Zulu surroundings, you will not need to be without visits to The Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park or safaris to the game and nature reserves in the area. We can of course make arrangements for any tour or activity available in the area.